About us

ParatUSA is a combination of the Latin word Paratus, meaning “ready” and the country we are so proud of, the USA.  Located in Maxton, NC, home of the WWII glider training, and located in close proximity to Fort Bragg, ParatUSA.com was started to sell items related to like-minded patriotic people as part of our parent company, Advanced Cutting Technologies, Inc. or ADCUT for short.

ADCUT is a waterjet cutting service that has been in business since 1995, providing custom cutting of logos, designs, and parts produced from various materials including metals, flooring, carpet and artificial turf to name just a few.  In 2005 we offered hitch covers for retail sale.   All hitch covers are cut with our CNC controlled waterjet out of US steel, welded and powder coated in-house at our facility.

Our laser engraver is excellent at etching powder coated tumblers, and laser marking with Cermark stainless steel mugs, giving a hardened black layer on the stainless steel.  We also offer custom etching on tumblers. We have partnered with Scorched Earth Publishing to offer the DD12 logos on the insulated tumblers.

We hope you enjoy browsing our current products and we will continue to add more.  Let us know your suggestions of other items you would like to see.

Thank you for visiting paratusa.com and feel free to stop by adcut.net to see our other capabilities.